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Dr. Complex 20 krauter ol - 250ml


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Natural herbal power and unsaturated fatty acids for vitality and a strong immune system. Vitality and enhanced resilience. These are the rewards from using the unique Oil and Herb Complex from Dr. Clauder. It is a blend of appropriately combined natural herbs with optimally sophisticated active substances, incorporated into a complex of seven different fatty acids of natural oils, and yeast beta-glucan. Dr. Clauder’s Complex 20 Herbal Oil given daily, encourages: improvement of feed utilisation activation of the metabolism regulation and cleansing of the digestive tract and removal of harmful substances cell regeneration strengthens own immune system.

Nutritional supplement for dogs


Safflower oil, corn oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, linseed oil, herbs (such as: lucerne clover, nettle herb, Goldenrod herb, Rosemary leaves, comfrey leaf, calamus, Alchemilla herb, St. John’s wort, rue herb, yarrow, pansy, Burdock root, licorice root unpeeled, aniseed, juniper berries, celery, lovage), Salmon oil, yeast beta-glucan (0.5%)



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