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Nutragold Pro breeder Chicken & Rice 20kg

  • Formulated for hardworking breeder dogs and puppies
  • Real chicken and chicken meal provide quality protein for proper muscle tone and condition
  • Energy dense formula promotes all day strength and endurance
  • Promotes healthy skin, coat and joints
  • Kibble shape and texture helps keep teeth clean and healthy


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Nutragold (the Interior Gold) is made by Pro Breeder for dogs of all age for maintenance of endurance and health of the active dogs and puppies who are contained in conditions of nursery. This super-premium of sterns from fresh chicken meat helps to support a dog in excellent physical shape, raises a muscular tone of a dog, promotes beautiful and healthy wool.

Its power value and structure is suitable for dogs of large and hunting breeds, physically active and with moderate temperament of dogs, for unsportsmanlike and decorative breeds, and also for puppies since 6 weeks pregnant and lactating a bough.

The forage contains additives of a glycosamine and a hondroitin for maintenance of mobility and the correct functioning of musculoskeletal system. The tests which are carried out according to procedures of the American Association of the State control of food (AAFCO) confirm that Nutra Gold forage (the Interior Gold) provides to Pro Breeder for dogs of all age the good and balanced nutrition.


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