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Smart Heart Dog Food(Chicken & Egg) - 10kg

  • High-quality egg and chicken as ingredients for enhancing the delectability of the meal.
  • Natural fibre in the diet supports a higher nutrient absorption.
  • DHA and Omega 3 are essential fatty acids for regulating brain function and to keep skin and coat healthy.
  • Boosts cardiac health.
  • An ideal protein content for maintaining optimal body functioning.
  • Natural anti-oxidants like Vitamin E and Selenium for building a strong immune system.


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Product Description:

A complete and balanced diet is what brings comprehensive well-being to your dog. SmartHeart Adult Dog Food Chicken And Egg 10 Kg is one such excellent diet which seeks to fulfil all essential health needs of your canine. SmartHeart’s high-quality composition having chicken and egg is further fortified with fish oil and Lecithin. The strength of teeth and bones is acquired with a healthy combination of calcium and phosphorus. Digesting easily and properly, the SmartHeart dog food would supply adequate energy to the canine. Vital body systems, such as the nervous system and cardiovascular system, get proper support. Essential fatty acids like DHA and Omega 3 ensures the coat of your furry darling will glow, reflecting the vigour and health. SmartHeart Adult Dog Food Chicken And Egg has Vitamin E and Selenium for strengthening the natural defences of the pups.


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